Asked for his Kitchen Philosophy, Chef Marian says:

“All starts with the simple get together idea. Gathering around a table and sharing good food and drinks, is what connects us as family, friends and a community. It’s the essence of “Enjoying Good Food”; above just eating”.

“The food itself has to be authentic, natural and whenever possible: fresh”.

It is indeed necessary to feel the pulse and the tastes of the environment, it’s a fundamental requirement. From cooking, to the atmosphere and including the style, a restaurant must me in osmosis with the area it is on. Each restaurant is therefore different; each has its personal editorial line.
To be chef in such a historical place as the CANTACUZINO CASTLE is an honour and challenge, me and my team will try to match this exceptional target.
As we know: French cuisine is a unique, cultural experience that melds flavourful, nutritious foods with beauty, leisure, and therapeutic preparation. Making and savouring French Food is an art that takes a lifetime to master yet requires that time stand still to appreciate its splendour.
Visit CANTA CUISINE and explore French Cuisine with us: an art, a tradition ….. a way of life.

Marian Cosmin Lamba